CutJS is a lightweight and fast 2D HTML5 rendering engine for cross-platform game development. It is an open-source Canvas library inspired by DOM with a new concept called pinning introduced instead of styling.

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Canvas is the graphic component of HTML5 game development, but it only has a drawing API, there is no data model like DOM to compose your app; you have to manually draw your app and manage rendering cycles to play it. Moreover, mouse events are only available at entire Canvas level and they also need to be processed manually.

CutJS provides a DOM-like tree data model to compose your app and internally manages rendering cycles and drawing of your app, it also processes and distributes mouse events to targeted tree nodes.

How it Works

A CutJS app consists of a tree of nodes, each node is pinned (transformed) against its parent and have zero, one or more image cutouts (sprites). Image cutouts comes from either image textures or Canvas drawing.

Each rendering cycle consists of ticking and painting the tree. On ticking nodes adjust themselves to recent updates and then on painting each node transforms according to its pinning and paints its cutouts.

Rendering is retained and is paused in each cycle unless/until it is touched directly or indirectly.

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Run bower install cutjs or npm install cutjs to get latest release or just download it manually. Use appropriate standalone builds or modules for your project and each target platform.

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